These three documentaries will open the door to life-changing discussions with your kids.

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As parents, it can be hard to explain to our children why we are choosing an alternative lifestyle, especially once kids hit double-digits. The things we teach our kids go against many of the beliefs they’re hearing from friends at school.

I think at some point (if your kids are a bit older, like ours), they can start to think some of the stuff we share with them is BS. And that is ok, after all we must teach our children to think for themselves.

Teach your kids to question what they read and watch. Teach them to question everything. - 3 Documentaries That Will Change The Way Your Kids See The World (That Are Available on Netflix & Amazon Prime) *This is a must-read for parents. Be sure to look at the additional community suggestions at the end of the post. Love this quote!

We should teach them to question everything — including us.

Make some room in your schedule to spend some quality screen time with your kids. Watching documentaries — that allow you to indirectly discuss your values, choices, and decision to move toward Becoming UnBusy — is a powerful parent-child experience. When you watch these documentaries be sure to have the remote on hand to pause the show and talk.

3 Documentaries That Will Change How Your Kids See The World

These shows open the door to a global perspective and allow your kids to see for themselves (with you there to guide them) that an alternative lifestyle is truly a powerful choice.

1. The Kindness Diaries

Netflix Summary: Watch Leon Logothetis travel around the world on his yellow motorbike, Kindness One, relying only on people’s kindness at each stage of his travel. This show is about sharing everything that you have, even if you don’t have much. Watch it now on Netflix]

This documentary is actually a full series on Netflix, not a single show. Every episode of The Kindness Diaries begins with this statement:

I believe there is enough good, enough love, and enough pure kindness to make the world go round. *Love this quote from The Kindness Diaries and this list of documentaries to watch with kids on Netflix. Be sure to check out the recommendations at the end of the post from parents too.

The host of the documentary, Leon Logothetis, continues…

And that is what inspired my journey; a journey where random acts of kindness are repaid with unexpected and life changing gifts.

The Kindness Diaries series opened deep discussions of gratitude, war, cultural and religious differences, acts of service, education, healthcare, and just overall happiness with our two girls. Time and time again this show reminded us that love makes the world go round and that little is needed to be truly happy. Watching this show together truly changed how my girls see their own lives (and the world).

Parent-to-Parent Tip: A strong word of warning, Episode 11 (The Gift of Sight) was overwhelming. In this episode, Leon stops at Cambodia’s Killing Fields and pays tribute to all the thousands of lives that were brutally lost there. This particular episode should be watched with extreme caution. You know your child’s personality, please use your best judgment.

2. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Netflix Summary:  More, newer, cooler: That’s the American Dream. But these creative people see the dream as being more about happiness. [Watch it on Netflix now or buy the documentary here]

The documentary Minimalism opened the door to a variety of conversations with our girls about “stuff,” advertisements and marketing, popular brands at school, and what happiness means to us. The intro with Ryan Nicodemus really struck a chord with me. He explains:

When I heard about minimalism, it wasn’t just about getting rid of my stuff. It was about taking control of my life, and stop being told what to do and deciding what I wanted to do.

On the surface, it may seem like minimalism and your stuff have little to do with Becoming UnBusy, but the two topics are inseparable. Our stuff dictates where our money goes each month, our stuff affects our required monthly budget, our stuff mandates our work schedules and career choices, our stuff affects our ability to control our lives. This documentary allowed us to talk to our girls about why our family is making changes in our life to move toward Becoming UnBusy.

Heads-up: When I saw this award-winning documentary pop into the “new on Netflix” suggestions, I was giddy. The Minimalist website and podcast are an ongoing inspiration. Be sure to check out their blog and Facebook page.

3. Living On One Dollar

Amazon Summary: Four young friends set out to live on just $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. Armed with only a video camera, they battle hunger, parasites, and extreme financial stress as they attempt to survive. [Watch on Amazon Prime]

What is unique about this documentary is that the college students attempted to not only live on a dollar a day, but to simulate the dynamics of an unstable field worker’s income. In other words, they had allocated $60 for 60-days, but the amount they received each day was arbitrary. The hardship, support and joy of the community that embraces them is eye-opening. We watched this documentary with our ten and twelve year old daughters. Some of the topics covered were tough, seeing children in poverty is heavy, but it was an enlightening experience.

Let’s Chat

Do you have any other documentaries, movies, TV shows or books that have helped you connect with your kids and explain your unique life choices to your kids? We’re always looking for inspiration to share with our kids. Have you seen any of these documentaries? I’d love to hear about the different conversations you had with your kids while watching them. Please leave us a note below or a message on the Becoming UnBusy Facebook Page. We’d love to hear about it.


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3 Documentaries That Will Change The Way Your Kids See The World (That Are Available on Netflix & Amazon Prime) *This is a must-read for parents. Be sure to look at the additional community suggestions at the end of the post.

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