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Modern Minimalism

5 Easy Ways To Bring Minimalism To Your Life

INSIDE: There are no set rules about how to become a minimalist. The freedom to define it for yourself can feel overwhelming. Here are five places to start to bring minimalism to your life. . . . Minimalism at its core directs us to simplify certain areas of our life […]


5 Ways To Opt-Out of a Default Life

Sometimes we live a default life by accident. Below are five areas to work on to live a more intentional life from Julianna of The Simplicity Habit. . . . I don’t want to live a default life. If you asked me what I planned for today, I wouldn’t say spending […]

3 Ways to Embrace Simplicity In A Culture Of Excess #becomingunbusy *Loving this post and site
Modern Minimalism

Embracing Simplicity In A Culture Of Excess

More isn’t always better, sometimes more is just more. . . . I started my journey to simplify after acquiring entirely too much stuff. I felt burdened by it. I realized that all the good stuff was buried under the junk. The quantity was choking out the quality that was […]