Author: Zina Harrington

Photo of a woman jumping in the air with mountains in the distance.
Saying No

How To Say No: 12 Different Ways To Say No Effectively

INSIDE: Find twelve different ways to say no effectively, depending on what your end goal is in the situation. . . . Deciding you want to slow down is the first step toward an unbusy life. It is said, that “the battle for our hearts is fought on the pages […]


10 Quotes Filled With Motivational Words For You

Below are motivational words from S.C. Lourie inspiring a collection of ten inspirational quotes about slow living, self-care, and life! . . . This collection of quotes is inspired by these motivational words from writer, poet, artist and story lover — S.C. Lourie of Butterflies and Pebbles. Today’s Motivational Words […]