November Inspiration

Plain Christmas lights aglow in darkness.
November Inspiration

7 Reasons To Start Celebrating Christmas Now

As we walk through the store’s automated sliding doors, my mom’s groan says it all — utter disappointment and annoyance. Then irritation steps in as we grab a cart, “We haven’t even made it through Halloween, and they’ve got the Christmas display up?!?” A lifetime of messages from trusted adults […]

How To Declutter Holiday Decorations - The first step to decluttering holiday decorations is to pull out the things you LOVE most and place them around your home. Taking a minimalistic approach towards the holidays is not about getting rid of every you own; instead, it is about surrounding yourself with the things (and people, of course!) that you love. #decluttering #organization #BecomingUnBusy *Love this post!
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3 Boxes Method To Declutter Holiday Decorations

She stands holding up the Santa Claus table runner and asks again, “Where should we put THIS, Mama?” I sit staring at Grandma Rosie’s bright green, sequin-laden holiday monstrosity. The girls have already helped me place all of our favorite holiday decorations around the house. We’re now to the [blah] […]