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Modern Minimalism

An Essentialist Home: Minimalism for Non-Minimalists

Minimalism is a wonderful philosophy to live by that can give you freedom from the overwhelming burden of too much physical and emotional clutter. But it’s not for everyone. Many don’t like what they believe to be a stark and cold minimalist design aesthetic. Others feel like failures if they […]

Mindful Money

The Boring But Effective Way to Make Dreams Come True

The truth is, the steps needed to accomplish life goals can feel decidedly boring and unglamorous in the moment. Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui of A Life In Progress provides us with five tips that may seem dull, but are effective ways to make dreams come true. . . . When our youngest graduates, […]

This ‘Alike’ Video Will Have You Tearing Up
December Inspiration, Mindfulness

This ‘Alike’ Video Will Have You Tearing Up

This unsettled feeling stirs within me, continually urging me towards a UnBusy Life. Yet, this unique life we’re trying to lead is anything but simple. A friend recommended this inspiring short film ‘Alike’ to me today. As I watched, I got goosebumps — then tears began to well up… [hold my heart] Not displaying […]