Join us for a Screen-Free Week with your family.

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Growing up, my neighbor had a Blow Up Your TV bumper sticker.

Blow up your TV - At least for a week: Go screen free for 7 days. *Love this idea and this Becoming UnBusy site

As a child, I never understood it.

This phrase later showed up on a No TV Week paper flyer a co-worker shared with me in 2005. Shad and I have been participating in No TV Week ever since, but slowly it progressed to a Screen-Free Week over time for obvious reasons.

How exactly does a Screen-Free Week work? Does it mean no computer time at all? What about homework? Can you put on Pandora? Can you do FaceTime with Grandma and the kids still or do you have to unplug fully?

Here are the official rules:

[box]Make it work for you. Participate for a week or participate for a day. Participate with just your TV or include all screens. Shut down all your social networks or just vow to call friends instead of seeing what they are up to on Facebook. Make your own rules.[/box]

National Screen-Free Week usually runs the end of April or early May, but your family can do a Screen-Free Week ANYTIME. It is an excellent way to reconnect.

Here are our family’s set of rules for our Screen-Free Week starting Monday:

  • No TV all week, even after the kids are in bed
  • Instead of our Weekly Movie Night, we will be doing Family Game Night
  • Computer and internet use is acceptable at work & school
  • I am allowed on social networks for work between 9am-3pm, but not once the family is home
  • Shad is not allowed to play WordFued, but he is allowed 15 minutes of web access to check stats and make fantasy baseball trades
  • The girls are allowed to yell at me if they see me using my iPhone for anything beyond making a phone call

Can you break free? Will you join us for a day or the week? 
P.S. I’m over at Melissa & Doug this week chatting with parents about how to unplug & play during Screen-Free Week. Check out 75 classic ways to play over there. Here’s a great printable list of 75 Screen-Free Week Activities for families I shared over at Let’s Lasso the Moon too!

Try a Screen Free Week at your house: Kids don't remember their best day of television *Love this quote and this Becoming UnBusy site

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