The list below written by photographer Bryn Graves is republished with permission from the private Becoming UnBusy Facebook group.

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P.S. Be sure to check out Bryn’s photography at the end of the post.

18 Things I've Learned in 18 Months of Having a Focused UnBusy Mindset #becomingunbusy #unbusy *Love this list

Things I’ve learned in eighteen months of having a focused unbusy mindset:

  1. If I don’t take charge of my life, life will take charge of me.
  2. Calendars are not rigid, robotic planning tools, they are flexible visual planning aids to manage my time in my own way.
  3. Lists are flexible.
  4. Getting rid of digital clutter improves my mental clarity.
  5. Downtime is a priority.
  6. Mental self-care is a priority.
  7. Morning and evening routines are essential to my well-being.
  8. I do have the time to meditate.
  9. I do have the time to read.
  10. I do have the time to watch my favorite series.
  11. Being busy doesn’t mean being productive.
  12. Work is a means to an end.
  13. Free time is to be treated with the same respect as working time.
  14. It’s ok to say no.
  15. Social media scrolling isn’t a priority.
  16. Communication and interaction, offline and online, is beneficial to my well being.
  17. A daily plan is essential but keep a backup plan in mind if others can impact the original plan.
  18. The more organized my internal world is the more this is reflected and implemented in my physical world.

I really DO have the time to do what I want.

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Meet Bryn Graves

Bryn Graves is a test engineer, photographer, father, and musician. When not working the day job he will probably be photographing, managing his photography business, spending time with the children, playing guitar or socializing.

Bryn is a dedicated and talented artist who uses the medium of photography to express his thoughts, feelings in a visual way. He works in both color and monotones and uses both natural and flash lighting. Much of Bryn’s current work is centered around people photography.

Follow his Instagram account for beautifully composed UK street photography.

Bryn Grave Street Photography - Love this post on how this artist has an UnBusy mindset

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from Bryn’s Facebook page. Bryn was recently featured on The Mighty as one of “13 Artist on the Austism Spectrum You Need to Check Out.” His work inspires me to slow down, to find the beauty in everyday, and continue to strive for an UnBusy Life.


If you live in the UK, Bryn also undertakes professional work such as weddings and christenings. He excels in portraiture of both adults and children. He will also attend public and private events, giving coverage with candid photography in his style.

Find Bryn’s work online: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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