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A woman holding an analog record.
Be Here Now

Embracing An Analog Lifestyle In A World Gone Digital

INSIDE: In a world that tends to cater to more, better, faster (and louder), do you just want just enough, slow, and quiet? Author of 12 Tiny Things, Heidi Barr, explains how introverts can embrace the calm of analog in this modern sea of noisy, digital chaos. . . . […]

The UnBusy Life

5 Ways To Live A Simple Life

Inside: Living a simple life brings freedom, peace, and joy and reduces stress. These five ways to simplify your life will get you started toward slow and simple living and a happier life. We live in a world of abundance where we can have much and do much and we […]

Modern Minimalism

5 Easy Ways To Bring Minimalism To Your Life

INSIDE: There are no set rules about how to become a minimalist. The freedom to define it for yourself can feel overwhelming. Here are five places to start to bring minimalism to your life. . . . Minimalism at its core directs us to simplify certain areas of our life […]