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Enough — 6 Things Kids REALLY Need *Loving this post and this Becoming UnBusy site
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Enough — 6 Things Kids REALLY Need

Less is more. Below Happiness is Here shares six things kids really need (and they’re free).  . . . Winnie the Pooh was my first mistake. On my first daughter’s very first Christmas I bought her a walking talking Winnie the Pooh. She couldn’t care less. In fact, I think […]

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How I Settled Into a Year of Not Being Busy

In America, we often measure success by how busy we or others are. The busier, the better — and extra points for being stressed out and always on the go. It is exactly in response to those things why I decided to settle into a year of not being busy. […]

The UnBusy Life

How to Free Yourself from the Grind

Ah, the daily grind. The hamster wheel. The 9-5 sentence. There are many ways to describe the way many of us live our lives. The sad but true fact is that many people don’t love what they do every day. And if you don’t love what you do, going to […]

Modern Minimalism

Tiny Living: Gaining More from Life with Less

Tiny living simplifies family life and makes room for adventure. The benefits of going small are huge. Here are five things you should know about tiny houses. . . . Just a 15-minute drive down my street are fast food signs, McMansions, and 4×4 vehicles as far as the eye […]