‘White space’ is that magical but sometimes elusive sense of stillness, clarity, and peace in our minds, hearts and souls. It’s accessed by removing the clutter and noise that tags along with a busy existence.

So it stands to reason, doesn’t it, that if we remove physical noise and clutter to create white space in our homes, we can gain more white space in our lives?

The white space in our life is where the magic happens. - Brian Garner #NoSidebar #Quote #BecomingUnBusy *Loving this post on how white space at home will create white space in your life

I’ve seen firsthand how our surroundings can influence our state of being. Our environments play a huge role in mood, focus, and productivity. The inner reflects the outer as they say and vice versa. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for designing simple spaces. If we create white space in our homes it enables us to gain the stillness and peace we need to thrive, not just survive.

5 Ways That White Space at Home Will Create White Space in Your Life

Here are five ways you can make more white space at home that will translate to white space in your life:

1 | Declutter

There’s a reason why decluttering projects like the Get Rid of 100 Things This Weekend Challenge are so popular: decluttering does wonders to lighten the burden on the soul. Decluttering literally creates white space and gives you room to breathe. But it also clears your mind, because all that stuff isn’t registering in your brain any longer every time your eyeballs glance over it.

Begin with decluttering the things out in the open that you see every day: your counters, coffee table, and dining table. You might also pare down the décor on your walls and your bookshelves so that there’s more ‘white space’ in between objects. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite artwork or travel memento – just keep the things you display to those that you truly love and that inspire you, nothing more.

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The best way to enjoy your favorite things every day is to only own your favorite things. - Courtney Carver #quote #minimalism #BecomingUnBusy #whitespace *Loving this post on how white space at home will create white space in your life

2 | Paint Your Walls White

Yes, literal white walls in your home can actually elicit more of that feeling of calm white space in your life. The colour white is associated with clarity and purity, and in Feng Shui, white represents expansion and openness.

Just as our eyes favour white space on websites, they also find light, neutral walls soothing.  If you like the idea of white walls but are terrified to try it, hop on over to this post that explains the difference between white and more intense colours and how you can choose the right white.

3 | Designate a Quiet Spot All Your Own

If you don’t have one already, create a comfortable spot in your home or office where you can spend quiet time to reflect, journal, meditate or pray on a daily basis. It should be your own sacred spot just for you, where others in the household know not to interrupt you.

I find it much easier to live an UnBusy Life when I intentionally remain still for at least a few minutes a day. It’s way easier to do that in a quiet little corner that beckons me to keep the habit.

4 | Get Enough Sleep

It’s tough to find calm and stillness in life when you’re tired and cranky. But many people find it difficult to get the sleep they need for optimal health and wellness.

There are a lot of helpful recommendations out there on how to get more sleep, such as practicing meditation and yoga, drinking chamomile tea, cutting out screens in the evening, and taking a bath before bed. All good things, yet, the most obvious – our environment – is sometimes overlooked. Be intentional and create white space in your bedroom.

A good sleep environment has:

  • no bedroom screens
  • calming walls (colour and artwork, or lack of)
  • simple but comfortable bedding
  • a clutter-free nightstand
  • nothing that is not for the purpose of relaxation or intimacy (ie. exercise equipment, laundry baskets or work papers)

Setting up your bedroom for optimal relaxation and serenity is key to a good sleep. Need help? Check out this guide on how to design a bedroom oasis that induces more sleep.

5 | Hide the Screens

We live in a fast, wired, busy, distracted society for most hours of the day. So when we’re home, we need to distance ourselves from our phones and screens to get perspective and to mentally and physically de-stress.

Continually being attached to our phones buzzing and pinging wreaks havoc with our ability to be still and find white space. Make it a habit to drop off your phones and tablets in a dedicated charging station either near the entry to your home or in an office area. Don’t keep them on the kitchen counter or in your bedroom. (And set them to sleep mode at a certain time each evening.)

Hide your TV so it’s not the main thing you see when you walk in a room, unless you have a dedicated room just for entertainment purposes. You could keep it behind closed doors in an armoire, or set it off-center on a low console so you can watch Netflix when needed but not be distracted by it when you want to use your living space for actual living.

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. #quote #peace #becomingunbusy #minimalism *Loving this post on how white space at home creates white space in your life around it. #quote #peace #becomingunbusy #minimalism *Loving this post on how white space at home will create white space in your life

Your home is where you spend a good deal of your life. If you want it and your life to be less busy, create white space. Make sure your home environment supports you in your quest towards an UnBusy Life.

Kelly Anderson of Refreshed Designs is driven by the desire to help people create spaces that enable living a simple, healthy and natural life, all while deeply respecting nature and our planet. If you enjoyed this post and would like more easy steps to simplify your home and habits within it, join her free 7-Day Simplicity Challenge. Find her online here: Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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