Real happiness requires less than you think.

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I look down at my phone and find myself shaking my head in annoyance. I glare at my husband’s text message, “Let’s do 100 things this weekend.”

We’d recently chatted about an online article where a gentleman decided to lead his life owning only one-hundred things. While the underlying concepts were interesting, I’d expressed how frustrating it is that so many pieces about minimalism are not even remotely family-friendly.

“Sure, 100 things,” I snarkily reply, “Why not?

But then he proposed a unique plan…

“This weekend, let’s get rid of 100 things.”

This easy challenge uncovered the hidden ways our ‘stuff’ had been weighing us down and helped us realize how much time we waste on caring for (and organizing!) our things. Unbeknownst to us, doing the 100 Things Weekend Challenge was our first step towards an UnBusy Life.

I am SO excited for the Get Rid of 100 Things Weekend Challenge with you. We’ve been doing these challenges with our girls for years, so the instructions are completely kid-friendly. Be sure to get yours involved, too. I know you will love this playful decluttering approach as much as we do!


Stop trying to organize all of your family’s crap. If organization worked for you, you’d have rocked it by now. It’s time to ditch stuff and de-crapify your world. #declutter #minimalism #organization #BecomingUnBusy *Loving this 100 Things Weekend Challenge idea!

The truth is, organizing rarely works with kids or (shhhhh!) partners.

The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it. — Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Join the 100 Things Weekend Challenge

The 100 Things Weekend Challenge is just right for:

  • Families that want to spend less time organizing and more time together
  • Parents who feel overwhelmed with all the clutter during the week
  • Kids ages 7+ (but tips can be tweaked for younger helpers)
  • Anyone who wants to move forward towards an UnBusy Life

Does this sound like you? Then, join our community challenge! It’s going to be a blast.


Don’t worry; no one is going to ask you to donate half of your processions. (Well, my husband might encourage it.)

Every family’s version of an UnBusy Life is unique, yet we’ve found there is an underlying blueprint within the stories we’ve heard. An essential step towards Becoming UnBusy is to change your relationship with stuff.

Sometimes you don't feel the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release. #declutter #minimalism #organization #BecomingUnBusy *Loving this 100 Things Weekend Challenge idea!

Participating in the 100 Things Weekend Challenge is a significant first step to a lighter, healthier, intentional UnBusy Life. Your home should be this place where you walk in and feel relief and peace; you’re going to feel so much better with those hundred things out of the house this weekend!




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