Becoming UnBusy creates a limitless potential for transforming our lives. It allows time to do things that bring us JOY… Whether that be pursuing a new hobby, cooking soul food, spending more quality time with loved ones, or even sitting quietly with a cup of tea while enjoying the beauty of nature.

In speaking with others, as well as having undergone my own journey towards Becoming Unbusy, I’ve found three common steps.

All of the three decluttering steps below — no matter what order you choose to do them in — ultimately will lead you to an UnBusy Life. Cleaning less, spending less, and scheduling less will leave you with more free time than you ever thought possible.

Step 1: Declutter Your THINGS.

Many of us need to start our journey towards Becoming UnBusy by getting rid of things that may no longer serve us — and making room in our lives. Decluttering our space can impact us on unexpectedly deep levels…

Beyond giving us more physical space, decluttering can eliminate blocks in our way of thinking and of being.

Decluttering will shift you into a mindset of:

  • What it is that we really need,
  • What we love and find joy in, and
  • Removal of the unimportant.

When you make space in your life by removing what no longer serves you — even if it’s a physical object — you open ourselves up to the freedom of new possibilities. It’s like saying “yes” to stepping into new potential. And that feeling, right there, catapults us forward (into even bigger life changes) and is the basis of your continual growth as a person.


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Step 2: Declutter Your FINANCES.

Now that you’ve cleared our physical space (and aren’t buying new things to refill it), you may find yourself with some extra money.

This tiny shift provides you a window into what your life could be like with more financial freedom. I refer to this shift as “the beginning of the end” — the end of living in a way that we felt was necessary because that’s all we knew.

As the chains of debt begin to fall off, you’ll be able to see a new horizon and way of living. This is a major turning point in the Becoming UnBusy journey.

Decluttering our finances can take the form of:

  • Paying off debt,
  • Downsizing our space to one that is more affordable, or
  • Simply whittling expenses and spending down to only what it is we really need and enjoy.

The end result, however, is the same: financial freedom and less stress.

You may find ourselves suddenly able to take that vacation you’ve always wanted, to go to restaurants, to invite people over for dinners, to take the kids out more, and so on. Before you realize it, you’re living differently and — more importantly — HAPPILY.

However long this step takes you, stick with it. Break free from those financial chains — you’re on the verge of entering into a life you never thought possible.

Step 3: Declutter Your TIME.

Generally, after removing physical and financial clutter, you’ll find yourself with more time on your hands. You aren’t spending as much money on shopping, and you have less to clean and organize. This gives way to new, open pockets of time in your week.

With time to reflect, you become conscious of who and what you are spending your time on. Instead of saying yes to everything and everyone demanding your time, you start saying no.

No is a complete sentence. *loving this post and this becoming UnBusy site

Boundary creation begins, and you begin learning what it means to live with intention.

Consciously choosing what we do with our time is probably the single most important thing we can focus on to create a life well lived.

We tend to make money a priority, but it’s a renewable resource. We can always make more money. Our time, however, we will never get back. So whatever it is you spend your time on each day, make it count!

. . .

Each of these three steps provides us with the same result: connection.

Connection to ourselves.
Connection to people around us.
Connection to our environment.

It is through connection that we learn to transform ourselves and transform our lives. It is through connection that we learn to live intentionally and consciously create what we want in life. Connection is where the real magic happens.

No matter where you are on your journey, remember to take time to celebrate each milestone — no matter how small it may seem.

Encourage others in their own journeys to Becoming UnBusy, regardless of what step they’re at. Let’s join together… We each have a unique opportunity to live an authentic and happy life.


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All of the three decluttering steps below — no matter what order you choose to do them in — ultimately will lead you to an UnBusy Life. *Loving this post and site!

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