Life really does begin at forty.

. . .

The truth is, I am not exactly sure what this project — this website — is all about yet. I am waiting until I meet you to make that decision.

I am waiting to I hear your story.
I am waiting to hear your family goals.
I am waiting to hear what you want from life.

I am waiting to learn how we can collaborate before moving forward

For the past seven years, I’ve been on a journey toward Becoming UnBusy and mindfully making a living. I cannot wait to share my stories with you. I cannot wait to introduce you to the people I’ve met along the way. During that time:

  • Our family paid off $82,000 in debt in a four year period
  • I started a successful part-time business online (AKA: Let’s Lasso The Moon)
  • I quit my job to expand my ever-growing freelance income–and am making more money now, plus my average work schedule is 9am-3pm and fluid
  • My husband and I began investing in rental properties as a form of semi-passive income
  • Our family made a commitment to choose experiences over things
  • Our family began to travel–especially to National Parks
  • We purchased a tiny-cabin near Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (that is also a rental property!)

What are you most interested in hearing about next?

We want to talk about the parts of our experience you’re interested in. Leave a note in the comments below or in our private Facebook group and we’ll answer your questions in the group, in a conversation or in a blog post.

Today, the evening before I turn forty, I celebrate my last “official” day of research by kicking off this site.


The journey continues to be an ever-winding road. I hope you’ll join me on it.


Dedication: A big thank you to my husband Shad for supporting our family (in more than one way) on this journey. JOURNEY. A hug to my friend Sarah, who always shows up to our dinner dates with a tote bag full of highlighted inspirational books. And a hell yeah to my birthday buddy Tiffany Dahle for demanding, yes demanding, I make this project a reality. As we used to say in the Dog House…

Vision without execution is hallucination.


Happy 40th birthday biz-atch.

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