The days are long, but the years are short.

I have an artistic print of this quote framed in our house. This short Facebook note and video from Singer Nichole Nordeman mades me think of it again today:

I don’t know of a more uttered or whispered phrase from a mother of any age, about her child of any age, than ‘It’s going by too fast.’ I feel like I spend my life trying to slow time.

“If you’ve ever looked at your child running across a field, or striding across a graduation stage, or walking down the middle aisle of a church clutching a bouquet, you’ll know why this song is special to me,” she continues, “Please enjoy the video… remembering the moments we wish we could slow down, and sharing them with those we love most.”

Slow down
Won’t you stay here a minute more
I know you want to walk through the door
But it’s all too fast
Let’s make it last a little while

Hold my heart.

The end of the video gave me goosebumps. Are you tearing up too?

The days are long, but the years are short. *It's all happening to fast. This video will have you crying by the end. Loving this quote and this Becoming UnBusy site.

Find time today to slow down with your children. You will never look back on life and think, “I’ve spent too much time with my kids.” Make a commitment to Becoming UnBusy with your family.


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