Author: Zina Harrington

Modern Minimalism

Tiny Living: Gaining More from Life with Less

Tiny living simplifies family life and makes room for adventure. The benefits of going small are huge. Here are five things you should know about tiny houses. . . . Just a 15-minute drive down my street are fast food signs, McMansions, and 4×4 vehicles as far as the eye […]

This ‘Alike’ Video Will Have You Tearing Up
December Inspiration, Mindfulness

This ‘Alike’ Video Will Have You Tearing Up

This unsettled feeling stirs within me, continually urging me towards a UnBusy Life. Yet, this unique life we’re trying to lead is anything but simple. A friend recommended this inspiring short film ‘Alike’ to me today. As I watched, I got goosebumps — then tears began to well up… [hold my heart] Not displaying […]